HyperScale Converged Infrastructure

vRun is Converged Infrastructure 3.0. It is a new generation architecture for your virtualization and cloud projects. vRun offers high reliability, high performance and a cost that is half of the traditional approaches to converged infrastructure.
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HyperFast VM Storage for OpenStack

A block storage technology for OpenStack that leverages SSDs and object stores and eliminates the need for expensive SANs
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Innovators in Converged Infrastructure

Our vRun and Open vStorage technology is powering the software defined data center.

Open vStorage

Open vStorage

Open vStorage turns any object storage or JBODs into a VM-centric, clustered, reliable, scale-out, high performance storage platform for Virtual machines.
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Open vStorage

Core Storage Technology.


A hosted private cloud based on the vRun technology available at multiple data centers world-wide.




Converged infrastructure that combines the benefits of the hyperconverged approach yet offers independent compute and storage scaling. Read more >>


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